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Radio 1RPH is going digital

Radio 1RPH is going digital

A trial of digital radio broadcasting has been carried out in the Canberra region over the last few years. While restricted to the larger commercial companies and the ABC, the trial has nevertheless been quite successful (and popular, as the audio quality is just superb).

As a result, the Australian Communication and Media Authority (ACMA) is moving ahead with arrangements to allow commercial and community broadcasters in the Canberra region to formally join the growing group of Australian broadcasters using the DAB+ format.

Radio 1RPH will be using digital broadcasting to complement our existing services in Canberra – sitting alongside AM, streaming and podcasting. Adding digital to the mix will be great, as it will fill the gap that currently exists for folks that have difficulties in receiving our AM service. It’s looking very promising and will be an exciting time for community radio in the ACT.

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