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Radio 1RPH

Who we are

Radio 1RPH is a Community Radio broadcaster based in Canberra. We are an independent, not-for-profit organisation that provides a radio reading service to people with print disabilities as well as to the general listening public.

Our vision

An efficient information and entertainment service that engages and empowers people with vision loss and reading difficulties.

Our mission

To deliver a diverse range of programming that is appealing, entertaining and informative for all our listeners.

Strategic plan

Click here to view our strategic plan.

Who our service is for

Our service is for people with a print disability who wish to stay informed but are unable to read printed information because they may:

  • be vision impaired
  • have literacy issues
  • be able to speak but not read English
  • have a learning impairment, or
  • have a condition that hinders reading.

Approximately 22% of the Australian population experience some form of print disability (IPSOS Research 2014).

We also broadcast for a general public who wish to stay informed and entertained yet do not have time to read, or do not have access to, the wide range of publications we can bring to our listeners.

The RPH network

Radio 1RPH is a member of RPH Australia and a participating station in the National RPH network, one of the largest in Australia, reaching 80% of the population.