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Radio 1RPH Tech Info

Where to find us on the dial

Our Canberra station can be found in the middle of the dial between Canberra’s two commercial AM stations: 2CA and 2CC.
Its frequency is 1125 kHz on the AM band.

Our Wagga Wagga station can be found left of the middle of the dial.
Its frequency is 89.5 MHz on the FM band.

Our Junee station can be found right of the middle of the dial.
Its frequency is 99.5 MHz on the FM band.


    • Canberra and the surrounding regions of Queanbeyan and Yass
    • Wagga Wagga
    • Junee.

You might also hear us in your car around Goulburn, Bungendore and Jugiong on 1125AM.


  • Two 2 kW AM transmitters (redundant pair)
  • Two 65-metre phased-array antenna towers
  • Backup 26 kW diesel generator
Wagga Wagga
  • Internet-link to Canberra studios
  • 500 W FM transmitter (89.5 MHz)
  • Receiver/translator from Wagga Wagga
  • 30 W FM transmitter (99.5 MHz)