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Book readings

Morning Book Reading

Good Dog, by Kate Leaver

Reader: Dorothy Broom, 1RPH
Commenced: 28 January 2021

‘Celebrating the dogs who change, and sometimes even save, our lives’.

The dog-human bond is the most extraordinary cross-species friendship on the planet. Dogs give people so much: affection, companionship and profound emotional support. Now, more than ever, we can see the clear health benefits of living with a dog by our side.

Drawing on science, research and in-depth personal interviews, Good Dog demonstrates how vastly a dog can improve our mental and physical health as well as our quality of life. Australian journalist Kate Leaver begins by telling the story of how she met her beloved rescue shih tzu, Bertie, and how powerfully he helps her through periods of depression. Then she meets 10 other remarkable dogs who’ve changed human lives and tells their stories.

Afternoon Book Reading

Europe: A Natural History, by Tim Flannery

Reader: Geoff Burchfield, 1RPH
Commenced: 2 February 2021

In Europe: A Natural History, world-renowned Australian scientist and conservationist Tim Flannery begins 100 million years ago, when the continents of Asia, North America, and Africa interacted to create an island archipelago that would later become the Europe we know today. It was on these ancient tropical lands that the first distinctly European organisms evolved. Flannery teaches us about Europe’s midwife toad, which has endured since the continent’s beginning, while elephants, crocodiles, and giant sharks have come and gone. He explores the monumental changes wrought by the devastating comet strike and shows how rapid atmospheric shifts transformed the European archipelago into a single landmass during the Eocene.

Written with Flannery’s characteristic ability to tell a good story and communicate scientific expertise, Europe: A Natural History narrates the dramatic natural history and dynamic evolution of one of the most influential places on Earth.

Children’s Book

Tomorrow When the War Began, by John Marsden (Book 1)

Reader: Sue Farrelly, 1RPH
Commenced: 12 February 2021

Tomorrow, When The War Began follows the adventures of Ellie Linton and her friends: teenagers growing up in the fictional Australian town of Wirrawee. Whilst camping at a local spot affectionately called Hell, the friends come to realise that their town has been invaded by an unknown foreign power. From here, the teenagers plan and launch a guerrilla warfare attack on the soldiers occupying their territory, resisting their invasion and trying to regain control of Wirrawee. Tomorrow was made into a feature film in 2010, and we are starting with Book 1 of the 7-book series. With a natural gift for storytelling, John Marsden began writing when working as a teacher and is one of Australia’s foremost writers of Young Adult fiction.

Book reading times

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