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The Candidates

The Candidates, introducing you to the people behind the names for the upcoming ACT Election.

Episode 20 with Cathy Day and John Haydon


Episode 19 with Rachel Stephen Smith and Bruce Paine


Episode 18 with Tom Fischer and Brendan Forde


Episode 17 with Georgia Phillips and Fuxin Li


Episode 16 with Candice Burch and Michael Petterson


Episode 15 with Adriana Boisen and Michael Brewer


Episode 14 with Elizabeth Kikkert and Deepak Raj Gupta


Episode 13 with Maddy Northam and Tim Liersch


Episode 12 with James Milligan and Brendan Long


Episode 11 with Rebecca Vassarotti and Taimus Werner-Gibbings


Episode 10 with Jonathon Davis and Greg Lloyd


Episode 9 with Bethany Williams and Tim Dobson


Episode 8 with Mike Stelzig and Fiona Carrick


Episode 7 with Rob Knight and Mainul Haque


Episode 6 with Peta Swarbrick and Merlin Baker


Episode 5 with Katt Millner and Alistair Coe


Episode 4 with Tara Cheyne and Mark Parton


Episode 3 with Andrew Braddock and Therese Faulkner


Episode 2 with David Pollard and Jo Clay


Episode 1 with Elizabeth Lee and Emma Davidson