Program Guide


12:00 am BBC World Service
6:00 am Insight for Living.
6:30 am Musical Interlude
6:45 am Weather; TV and 1RPH Programs.
7:00 am The Australian: Headlines and national news.
7:30 am International news.
7:45 am Editorials & Sport.
8:00 am The Canberra Times: Headlines and national news.
8:00 am Wagga Daily Advertiser (Wagga & Junee listeners only)
8:25 am Death notices followed by Local News.
8:45 am Editorials & Sport.
9:00 am Health Smart
9:15 am Community Roundup:1st Thurs; RSL. 2nd & 3rd Thurs; TBA. 4th Thurs; TBA
9:30 am Book Reading.
10:00 am Yours Magazine
10:30 am Time Magazine (Repeat).
11:00 am CompuTalk.(Repeat)
11:30 am Unearthed
12:00 pm History in 100 Numbers
12:15 pm Beyond the Blue Horizon (Repeat).
12:30 pm Heritage
1:00 pm The Monthly.
1:30 pm BBC World Service.
3:00 pm Canberra Times (Repeat).
4:00 pm Talking Vision.
4:30 pm Travel Time (Repeat).
5:00 pm Afternoon book reading.
5:30 pm Yours Magazine (Repeat).
6:00 pm TV and Radio 1RPH programs.
6:10 pm Newspapers: Background articles.
6:30 pm Letters to the Editor.
6:50 pm Today in Business.
7:00 pm Themes: Books, History, Food and Wine.
7:50 pm Local news.
8:00 pm Community Roundup (Repeat).
8:15 pm Around the Churches (Repeat).
8:30 pm Light and Life (Repeat).
8:45 pm Cosmos Magazine (Repeat).
9:15 pm Book Reading (Repeat).
9:45 pm Active Life
10:15 pm Weekly Bible Lesson - a Christian Science broadcast
10:45 pm Reader's Choice
11:00 pm BBC World Service overnight.

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